Tantalising Tuesdays

£9.90 Two Courses


Don’s Special Mushrooms (V) (GF)
Garlic mushrooms topped with mozzarella cheese & Napolitana sauce

Calamari (GF)
Calamari tossed with lemon, parsley & chilli flakes

Prosciutto con Melone (GF)
Italian Cured ham with fan of melon

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad (GF)

Goats’ Cheese (GF)
Goats’ cheese, pear & walnut salad

Main Courses

Chicken Cotoletta
Chicken cotoletta with tomato, mozzarella, olive & onion salad finished with rocket & parmesan

Risotto Nduja (GF)
Risotto rice with nduja (spicy Italian sausage), spinach, cherry tomatoes & roasted peppers

Orecchiette Pasta (V)
Pasta tossed with tenderstem broccoli, kale, olives & black and white chickpeas, bound with parmesan

Tagliatelle Verdura (V)
Tagliatelle tossed with sundried tomatoes, artichoke & olives in a creamy pesto sauce

Freshly Made Pizza (GFOA) (V)
See the pizza menu

*For allergen advice, please ask one of our team*

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Allergen Notice and Information

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